Providers and recipients are paying increased attention to whether development finance is effectively tackling development challenges where support is most needed around the world. Now the OPEC Fund is following suit – with significant results

Development effectiveness: Because every dollar counts

OPEC Fund adopts first Climate Action Plan, doubles targets by 2030

Boosting solar irrigation in Rwanda

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A climate finance workshop at the OPEC Fund discusses new ways to pool resources and leverage impact

Ramping up by getting in sync

Masaka - Bukakata Road Project

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OPEC Fund Director-General Abdulhamid Alkhalifa sets out how a new tool makes the institution’s work more effective and efficient to meet rising demand

Why development effectiveness matters

The OPEC Fund dedicates US$1 billion to global food security


As the grip of climate change tightens, young people are leading efforts to change the future by driving climate action

Youth involvement in climate action

OPEC Fund approves US$100 million in new global development support

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After good progress, the Sustainability Agenda has lost most of its momentum and, in crucial areas, has even been sliding backwards.

Are the Sustainable Development Goals becoming own goals?

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An interview with Jason Salgado, CEO, Climate Shares

“There is hope in our cause”