Small Island Developing States and Landlocked Developing Countries are facing different, yet comparable challenges. Two conferences later this year could prove decisive for their future

When Small is Vulnerable ...and Big is Not Always Better

OPEC Fund adopts first Climate Action Plan, doubles targets by 2030

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A new technological revolution is changing the world – and a race is on to balance the impact for the greater good

How AI is set to impact SIDS & LLDCs

Boosting solar irrigation in Rwanda

Masaka - Bukakata Road Project


In the war against climate change, Small Island Developing States are on the front lines. But these tiny countries are given little to fight the battles to come

Five Meters High And Rising

The OPEC Fund dedicates US$1 billion to global food security


A “garland of islands” deep in the Indian Ocean, the Maldives archipelago is the smallest country in Asia by land mass. Ringed with golden sands, turquoise waters and fertile coral reefs, it is a tourism powerhouse. Yet dig a little deeper – just 1.5 meters in fact – and the Maldives becomes a poster child for climate, food and water insecurity

“Our Very Existence is in Danger”

OPEC Fund approves US$100 million in new global development support


A chain of islands straddling the Caribbean Sea and Atlantic Ocean, Saint Vincent and the Grenadines hosts an active volcano and occasional hurricanes. Yet the biggest killers in the country are neither wind nor fire but the devil within – “non-communicable” diseases like cancer, diabetes and heart disease

Healing the Heart of the Matter


The ocean isn’t only beautiful, it is also necessary for our survival. Ecologically and economically, life as we know it would not be possible without healthy seas. Blue economy presents significant potential to protect the ocean’s prosperity and sustainability

True blue