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Following the adoption of its Food Security Action Plan the OPEC Fund is providing Banco Sudameris S.A.E.C.A. in Paraguay with a US$30 million loan

Supporting farmers and businesses in Paraguay

OPEC Fund adopts first Climate Action Plan, doubles targets by 2030

Boosting solar irrigation in Rwanda

Masaka - Bukakata Road Project


More than just electric cars, rethinking how the world gets around can also address climate change

Sustainable Transport: A Solution On Many Roads

During visits to Tanzania and Malawi, OPEC Fund Director-General Dr. Alkhalifa meets with officials, sees projects and emphasizes development impact

A mission with a vision

The OPEC Fund dedicates US$1 billion to global food security

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City solutions to climate change are taking centerstage as metropoles around the world keep growing

“Urban air sets you free” (but it needs filters)

The UN Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) is anxiously monitoring the fallout from the war in Ukraine.

Ukraine Crisis could Push Millions into Poverty and Hunger

OPEC Fund approves US$100 million in new global development support

The country is rolling out a novel approach to improve food security while curbing greenhouse gas emissions and improving overall resilience

Lesotho: Improving Resilience through Climate-Smart Agriculture


Professor Andreas Klasen believes in innovation, but warns that it is “not a silver bullet for climate change”

“The just transition is the real challenge”

While digitalization is transforming the sector in advanced economies, farmers in developing countries continue to face decades-old challenges

Technologies Give Farmers in the Developing World a Way to Grow